Transition to adulthood

Personal and social autonomy development

General purposes



Promoting maximal self-reliance and social interaction with the goal of achieving adequate self-confidence in society, as well as self-interests and awareness of how to defend their rights and interests.

Learning and Intership

Providing a theoretical framework and internships in the private and public sectors, with the potential of actual employment. 

What does it consist of?

Training programmes for transition into adulthood are focused on encouraging personal self-reliance, development and social integration, with a specific professional training component, in order to complete elementary school.

Specific training

Customer service and concierge assistant


Theoretical training: 400 hr

Module 1: Personal autonomy
Module 2: Employment training
Module 3: Concierge assistant and customer service

Practical training: 100 hr

Internships are carried out in public and private entities, and companies in neighbouring municipalities with a previous signed collaboration agreement.
The service receivers will be able to practice the achieved job competences, and the personal skills with the goal of progressively gaining self-confidence.