Equine Therapies

With horses in their own environment

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Equine therapy, or hippotherapy, is a set of activities for complementary rehabilitation. They are designed, executed, and evaluated by technical experts putting people and horses together in an environment designed to intervene in the different areas that encourage the full development of the subject.


Workshops for school groups

Furthermore, we organize 4-hour workshops for school groups, the main objective of which is to create environmental awareness, and to discover benefits of human-animal connections. The workshop is adapted to school children with and without disabilities.

Disciplines integrated in the equine therapies


Physiotherapeutic treatments as a processing tool and on a neurophysiological basis performed with and on the horse, and led by physiotherapists specialised in Hippotherapy.

Psychopedagogy with horses

Psychological and pedagogical interventions, as a processing tool, with horses and its environment, led by psychologists and pedagogues specialised in psychopedagogy with horses.

Adapted horse riding

This is the most sporting part of equine therapy requiring specialized people, not only with horse riding, but also with significant training in special needs.

Occupational equine therapies

Occupational equine therapies assume the pinnacle of occupational therapy in the equine world. On the one hand equine therapies are used as a means of integration into daily activities and on the other hand as a means of entering the workforce for people with disabilities.

What can equine therapies do for you?

Equine therapies report many benefits providing, gently, an important influence in several human development areas such as psychological, socioemotional, motor and communication areas, …

Increase self-esteem and self-confidence

Encourage emotional self-control

Work on basic psychological processes: perception, memory, motivation, attention...

Develop instrumental function of language

Record and automate of the locomotion pattern.

Increase elasticity, agility, muscular strength, and balance

Stimulate respiratory, and circulatory system

Stimulate peristaltic movements of the intestine.


Kumo is a beautiful tale that show us the magical relationship between a special child and an unknown horse.

An invitation to reflexion and a way to discover the incredible results that equine therapies can acquire.



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You will not be only helping our users with diverse abilities, but helping inclusion to become a reality.

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