TAS Centres

Comprehensive healthcare for children and young people with disabilities in rural environments


healthcare in 12 centres

TAS centres support and provide education and rehabilitation in childhood and youth. Our philosophy is working with all the social and educational agents that participate in a persons’ development and education, in a cross sectional manner and in the rural environment. The comprehensive healthcare programme for childhood and youth with functional diversity is developed in our centres.

Currently we have locations in 12 villages in Sevilla’s province.

Comprehensive healthcare programme

The comprehensive healthcare programme to childhood and youth with functional diversity comprises of the following services


Objective: Reinforcement of psycho functional abilities in children and youth in order to cover all those areas (cognitive, socio-emotional, psychomotor, etc.) that contribute to integral human development.

Activities: individualised programmes: behaviour modification techniques, basic concept learning, psychomotricity exercises, classification and association, reading and writing skills, psychological support.


Objective: regaining motor skills and/or sensory functions and preventing movement and/or sensorial disorders that might appear on various common pathologies.

Activities: individual sessions of physiotherapy rehabilitation, postural control learning, postural hygiene, etc.

Speech therapy

Objective: correcting or preventing voice and articulation language disorders in order to improve the communication process either for expression or comprehension.

Activities: individual speech therapy sessions, written language preparation, disorder and language dysfunctions treatment, psycholinguistic activities, etc.

The young ones

Objective: improving interpersonal and self-reliance skills, and supplying basic competences for community integration.

Activities: social skills in groups, relaxation techniques, effective communication techniques, and personal self-reliance activities.

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Comprehensive Assistance Contact

Coordinator TAS Centres

Miguel Angel Fernández Vila


+ 34 955 655 835