Labour integration

Training actions and job orientation

Incorpora programme

Since January 2019, the Foundation is taking part in a programme promoted by Obra Social “La Caixa” (social project) and coordinated by the public Social Services and Dependence in Andalucia.

The objective ist to promote labour integration’s capacities of the Social Entities that constitute the programme, to contribute to raising awareness in society and the research of labour opportunities for those people with specific difficulties to job access, in a condition of vulnerability, and/or at risk of poverty or social exclusion in companies located in the geographical area (citizens with disability certificate according to spanish law, youth, gender-based violence victims, imprisoned or ex-prisoner, people recovered from drugs, juvenile wards or ex-wards of court , homeless, etc.).

What is labour integration?

Labour integration is the set of training actions, job orientation and individualised support in the job function provided by trainers and specialised work mentors whose aim is to facilitate social and labour adaptation to workers with disability, and special difficulties on work insertion in enterprises into the labour market, and in similar conditions to employees who perform on equivalent posts.

Who can participate in this programme?

People with a disability certificate, equal or superior to 33% (according to spanish law), registered as job seekers in the Servicio Andaluz de Empleo (Andalusian Employment Center). We offer access to a mentoring job in a regular company.

How can a person with a disability contribute to the company?

When a company includes people with disabilities in its team, it doesn’t renounce quality and efficiency because people with disabilities can be just as competitive as any other worker.

People with disabilities contribute with their effort, their eagerness for improvement and their great motivation doing an excellent job and creating a rich and positive environment with a good working atmosphere.

What do we offer to businesses?

  • We offer support in the selection process. 
  • Mentoring the workers in the workplace and supporting them on the specific tasks until they are fully adapted. 

  • Co-workers awareness with the goal of facilitating integration of the person with a disability.

What do we offer to the person with a disability?


  • Initial job training: we offer group training sessions where every person can explore and find out their vocational interests and can acquire skills and techniques to help the job seeking process.
  • Individualised training and orientation sessions on track to an effective and successful laboral integration.
    Practical sessions, the main objective of which is real work simulations.
  • Ongoing training during the employment contract in order to maintain the job post.

On-the-job mentoring and training

  • We offer support in the selection processes. 
  • On-the-job mentoring and specific tasks support until full adaptation. 

  • Co-workers awareness in order to facilitate integration of the person with disability.




Labour Integration Contact 

Coordinator Labour integration programme

Mª José Pérez Rodríguez


+34 955 655 835