The Foundation

             Trabajo, Asistencia y Superación de barreras                  Work, assistance and overcoming barriers

Who we are

TAS is a non-profit regional organisation created in 2002 in order to provide new resources for those with disabilities in rural areas.  Additionally, it offers other services to different groups that are at risk of social exclusion.


Since 1997 we have been developing a pioneering experience caring for persons with disabilities in rural areas.    Starting as a project and becoming a Foundation at a later date, we get involved with the community cross sectionally and in a coordinated effort with different existing stakeholders (health, education) with the goal of promoting social participation through interdisciplinary work.

The TAS Foundation was set up in September 2002 with the objective of giving the project continuity and stability and in a further effort to consolidate the ultimate goal of  improving the living standards of people with disabilities, as well as  their families.  Our aim is not giving the same services that public institutions  already offer. We aim to  create new services and complementing support for those who already are being helped by the public stakeholders, hence providing an intersectoral service .



Improving the living standards of every person with diverse capabilities or developmental disorders —and that of their families— in  rural settings so they can live their lives to the fullest and they can plenty participate in society. This support is provided by an individualised assistance, inclusive and adapted to the needs of every phase of life, and with the solidary participation of our volunteers and other social agents from the community.


Embrace constant growth and improving the Foundation to provide a warm and quality service that complies with sustainable developmental objectives.


The Foundation is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals focused in Agenda 2030 of the EU:

Good Health and Well-being; No poverty; Zero hunger; Quality education; Gender equality; Reduced Inequality; Affordable and Clean Energy; Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Quality and transparency

In 2011 we implemented the ISO 9001:2008 quality system by Bureau Veritas Certificate number ES079880-1. Every year we carry out internal audits to consolidate our management and user service system.

Code of ethics

Economic reports

Annual report

Central Services Team and governing bodies


Manuela Olivares Pérez

High level technical degree in Business Administration and Management

Coordination and Quality TAS Centres

Miguel Ángel Fernández Vila

Degree in Pedagogy

Training, Volunteering and Projects Management

Mariló Gamero Moreno

Degree in Pedagogy

Secretariat and Information

Rosa Moreno De Los Santos

Professional Training in Administración
Management secretarial training

Early care and Quality Servicies

Antonio Vega Pascual

Degree in Labour Relations

Administration and Accounting

M.ª Carmen Valle León

Gratudate in Business Sciences

Human Resources

José Tajadura Moya

Degree in Labour Relations and Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention

Board of Trustees

Presidency. Brenes Council 
represented by mayor Mr. Jorge Barrera García.

Vice president. Villaverde del Río 
represented by mayor Mr. José M.ª Martín Vera.

Secretary. Tocina-Los Rosales Council
represented by councilwoman Ms. Rosa Iglesias Jabato.

Chair. Alcolá del Río Council
represented by mayor Ms. Gema García Roca.

Chair. Aznalcóllar Council
represented by mayor Mr. Juan José Fernández Garrido.

Chair. Burguillos Council
represented by mayor Mr. Domingo Delgado Pino.

Chair. Cantillana Council
represented by councilwoman Ms. Sara Gómez Muñoz.

Chair. Castilblanco de los Arroyos Council
represented by councilman, Mr. José Manuel Carballar Alonso

Chair. Gerena Council
represented by councilwoman Ms. Soledad Núñez Acuña.

Chair. La Algaba Council
represented by councilwoman Ms. Encarnación Tejero Morales.

Chair. Lora del Río Council
represented by councilwoman Ms. Vanesa Mª Serrano Aguilar

Chair. Alcolea del Río Council
represented by councilman Mr. José Raimundo González.

Chair. Asociación TAS de familiares 
represented by president Ms. Amelia Vidal Martínez.


Executive committee

President. Mr. Jorge Barrera García 

Vicepresident. Mr. José M.ª Martín Vera 

Secretary. Ms. Rosa Iglesias Jabato.

Chair. Ms. Amelia Vidal Martínez.