The TAS Foundation has a wide range of training courses, specialised in the field of disability. These courses are aimed at public and private entities, people with disabilities, and the community in general.

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Activities Assistant for people with disabilities

1. Disabilities: types and concepts.

2. Voluntary work and activities assistant for people with disabilities.

3. Wheelchair handling.

4. First aid.

5. Health care of people with disabilities.

6. Pedagogical support: material handling and processing.


Equine therapies

1- Equine therapies as an interventional methode.

2. The horse as a tool in Hippotherapy.

3. Horse training in equine therapy.

4. Intervention in different disabilities.

5. The work in a multidisciplinary team.

6. Work methodology.

7. Practical cases.



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We develop courses on a regular basis. Contact us to find out about current possibilities:

Training programme in collaboration with Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud (Andalusian Youth Institute)


How does it work



Fill in the application form and send it to, or send a fax to Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud (Andalusian Youth Institute) to +34 955 036360.


Once you have been admitted, you have to fill in model 046 (national administrative costs taxes).


3. Formalise the payment (taking Model 046) at any bank.



Finally, hand a copy over to the Dirección Provincial del Instituto Andaluz (Provincial Direction of the Andalusian Youth Institute).

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