Corporate Social Responsibility

Solidarity sponsorship

Corporate social responsibility, far from being a fad, has become a strategy adopted by more entities every day. Consequently, the TAS Foundation aims to encourage the collaboration of companies in this area, through sponsorship of the developed projects or through donations to the Foundation’s benefit. These alternatives complete the chapter of social action, regulated by law.

Why invest in TAS?

More and more companies are investing in social action, in promoting the welfare and development of the communities in which they operate. That is why we invite you to include our project in your corporate strategy. Because as well as investing in image and receiving tax benefits, you will be collaborating in projects and resources aimed at the promotion and development of people with disabilities.

With your financial, material or human contribution, you will help to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in rural areas, where the services provided to these groups are scarce compared to those offered in the cities.


How can you help?

At the TAS Foundation you can make a commitment to your immediate environment. To do so, we suggest that you become a TAS Company Friend by collaborating in one of the following ways:

Transfer of your company's material or human resources

The loan of products for the development of daily work in the Foundation’s Centres, the application of special rates, the loan of advertising space, etc. Also, sending qualified technical staff to collaborate in Foundation projects, on a voluntary basis.


Donation of funds linked to projects and programmes carried out by the Foundation

This entity develops a series of services that directly or indirectly favour the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Financial support for the construction of the Integral Resource Centre for People with Disabilities

Financial contribution to support the construction of one of the phases of the Centre to which it is committed.

Which are the benefits of being a TAS Friend Entreprise?

The TAS Foundation is an entity declared of Public Utility under the tax incentive system for patronage regulated in Law 49/2002, so that, as established in Order HAP/2250/2015, for donations up to 150€, 80% of it can be deducted, and from €150 onwards between 35% and 40%, depending on whether the donations have been made in the two immediately preceding tax periods in favour of the same entity for an amount equal to or greater, in each of them, than that of the previous year.

Corporate Image Reinforcement

The company committed to the TAS Foundation reinforces its corporate image by positioning itself as a responsible entity and combines its image with values of solidarity and social awareness.

Commitment and affinity

With the values of customers, employees and suppliers, who will be able to identify with a company that is socially involved in programmes that are committed to equal opportunities.


The TAS Foundation undertakes to include your company in its corporate publicity, as well as in our: Planetas Newsletter, Annual Activities Report and Website.


Collaboration Certificate

The company will receive an annual certificate of collaboration allowing tax deductions.

Do you need more information?

Contact with us for more information.